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Drying Equipment

Rent Drying Equipment Marco Island
Drying Equipment Rental Marco Island & Naples FL

Is your home in need of drying after a big rainy season or have you had water intrusion? We have an array of professional-grade drying equipment with full-service installation to dry your home like a pro. Call today to have us stop by to evaluate your situation.


Why it is Important to use Professional Grade Drying Equipment After Water Intrusion

In earlier times, water damage restoration companies did not have many choices when performing water damage repairs. Drying equipment was limited and not easily available, apart from this they also lacked in variety, efficiency, and usefulness. Reducing damage resulting from water and restoring your construction to what it was before, was a difficult task. A typical and established practice among building contractors was simply to dry out damaged carpet and pads when sometimes they need to be discarded depending on what type of water was on them and how long it was present.

Now, the “science of drying” has enhanced considerably. In this article, we will explore the importance of professional-grade drying equipment and why you should use it.

Importance of professional-grade drying equipment

It is so crucial to use professional-grade drying equipment to take care of water damage and mold at our homes. It is like making use of a vacuum to completely clean the carpet in your living room. If your vacuum is weak, chances are that you will be leaving soil and filth behind. The same can be said for your drying equipment. Without having effective fans, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers, you cannot make sure that you are getting rid of all the water or moisture that has intruded your property. When hiring someone to dry out your home, make sure they are using professional drying equipment.

Use quality equipment

It is critical for you to obtain professional-grade drying equipment even if you decide to dry your own home. Equipment can generally be rented from one of the Depot stores but then you have to get it, set it up, know when to finish with it and then return it. Odds are, you would rather have someone do all of those things for you.

Faster Drying

Whenever you hire an expert to dry your property with proper tools, the faster it gets dried and there will be less time for mold and bacteria to colonize in the house.

No Mold and Bacteria

As mentioned above the major risk that you can have because of water damage is mold and bacteria build-up. Both can cause allergies to you and your family members, animals, as well as guests. The presence of either could potentially make someone sick, forcing you to live an unhealthy life and not even realize it. By cleaning up water properly and quickly you can save a doctor’s visit later.

Additional Benefits of professional-grade drying equipment

Water clean-up doesn’t need to be expensive but it does need to be complete. By using expert repair professionals who have the newest and strongest equipment, the ‘downtime’ in your property could potentially be cut in half.

Drying after water damage requires multiple tools and is carried out in stages. Getting the equipment yourself can cost you valuable time while increasing the chance of having damaged flooring forever. we have all professional-grade drying equipment and can help in an emergency situation.